Targeting the right platform is a vital choice that mobile application development companies must make. After all, this decision largely determines the success of applications. And the success of applications depends on the number of users who use the application.
It is estimated that around 23% of users abandon an application immediately after using it only once. You would certainly not want this to happen for your applications. You can reduce this risk by clearly stating your business objectives, resources and audience. However, it is even more essential to understand and choose the apt platform for your applications.

Now when we talk about platforms, there are basically two names in the industry, namely Android and iOS. There are several Android and iOS development companies that are constantly fighting against each other. But before making a choice, you need to know the basic difference between these two platforms.
In this blog, we took several factors and compared the two platforms taking these factors into account. This will help you make an appropriate choice for your mobile application development company when choosing a platform.
So let’s start to deepen these very popular platforms for mobile application development.


Revenue models

Being in the mobile app development company, one of the major concern for you is to generate revenue through the apps developed. However, it is not an easy task to do. The acceptance of the audience is extremely significant.
If you are looking to earn more from your apps and are confused which platform shall help you to achieve that then consider the following facts.

  • Advertisements are a good way to garner revenue and Android platform have a comparatively higher percentage of apps that supports advertisements than iOS platforms.
  • The rate of iOS apps are more than that of Android-based apps.
  • The number of consumers are more in the Android platform in comparison to iOS.

Despite these factors, iOS manages to gain more revenue than that of Android. As of the first quarter of 2017, iOS platform based apps earned 70% more revenue than the Android apps.



When it comes to selecting the ideal platform for your application development company, you need to analyze the demographics. Now, you must be wondering what demographics tell us about choosing the platform? Well, demographics can tell you precisely what kind of audience is using Android or iOS apps.
For example, it is claimed that due to the low price setting of Android based apps, the number of users is more for Android. However, these users generally belong to the low-income group. But for iOS, the number of users may be lower, but the users belonging to this platform are generally higher income groups.
Therefore, when selecting the choice of platform, demographic considerations are important. Depending on the type of application developed and the objective of your business, you can choose to choose the platform between the two.


Development complexity

The development process between the two platforms varies enormously. Considering the complexity of the development process, the iOS platform is victorious. Android loses this battle in terms of fragmentation.
As for Apple, the number of devices running on iOS is limited to the iPhone, iPad and iPod. In fact, the recent figure shows that more than 50% of users have also updated the operating system to its latest version (iOS 11) in the first 3 weeks after launch. As a result, developers belonging to the iOS platform have a lot less hassle.

The development process is faster because developers have to create apps for fewer devices and operating systems. However, the scenario is completely different for the Android platform.
The range of smartphones and tablets here is also in the tens, with a varied aspect ratio and screen size. Consequently, the applications developed here must be adapted to the whole range or at least to the majority of them. A similar problem also arises for operating systems.
Therefore, looking at these complexities, there is no doubt that the iOS platform is a winner in this scenario.


App costs

Now choosing a platform based on the costs of the application seems like a good approach. However, this gives somewhat confusing data when analyzing these two platforms. In general, the cost of an application tends to increase with the time required for development.

If we consider the aforementioned development complexity factor, it is obvious that Android-based applications require more time. Since then, creating an application for a wide range of devices and operating systems has been time consuming. It is because of this that the applications developed for this platform are more expensive.
But for the iOS platform, the complexity of development is limited and the process takes much less time. You will therefore have to develop applications at a lower cost compared to Android applications. However, one framework that makes even iOS apps more expensive is its design framework.
For iOS, developers need Xcode to define the design of applications that would only be available for Mac. This could cost you dearly and increase the costs of application development. The fierce struggle over application costs is endless and businesses must choose wisely given these factors.


Release cycles

Let’s say you’ve finished following all of your application’s protocols and are now ready to publish it to the world. But it’s not so easy to publish your app. It really depends on the choice of platform when it comes to publishing a cycle of applications developed by a company.
Operators and OEM guidelines limit the release cycle of Android-based applications. This results in a slow release cycle of the application developed by companies. In addition, the low adoption rate of the latest version of the operating system further prolongs the release cycle of Android applications.
The case for iOS is better because the development time of applications is much shorter than that of applications based on Android. From adopting the latest version to testing applications, the time and effort required for developers in iOS is greatly reduced. For example, the latest version of iOS 11 was adopted by 86.8% of users while the 2017 version of Oreo of Android was only adopted by 22.3% of users.
These contrasting figures show that iOS platforms have a faster exit cycle than that of Android applications.


Engagement vs Number

If you are still confused about the platform choice for app development then you have to deliberate the engagement vs number factor. Well, it really depends upon the app development companies what really matters to them. Depending upon that they must pick the platform for their app.
A higher number of users does not necessarily mean that your app is successful in the market. The engagement rate of them is equally important while measuring the success of an app. Therefore, it really depends upon how you monetize your app.
You can definitely get higher number of users but less engagement and few number of users but higher engagement. Most certainly the latter scenario will be beneficial for the app development companies.
But if we consider the platform choice in this regard, it is observed that Android platforms have a greater number of users. On the other hand, iOS users are more engaged than Android app users.


Selection of platform: iOS vs Android

Now that we have considered the vital factors, it is now time to consider the selection of the platform. It is quite obvious from the above discussion that the iOS platform is simpler and even lucrative than Android. Therefore, we recommend that you definitely opt for the iOS platform when it comes to application development.
If you happen to have sufficient capital, then starting on the iOS platform would be the wise decision for you. From earning more revenue to gaining attractive users, the benefits of choosing the iOS platform are manifold.
There is no doubt that Android would require less investment to establish the mobile application development business. However, the result would not be as successful compared to iOS applications. You will earn more than you have invested if you choose to choose iOS over Android.
So what other reasons do you want? Prepare your boots and start developing apps for your business on the iOS platform. Being in the field of iOS development company will offer you more than you can imagine. We will not say that Android is not preferred, but if you have the right amount of money to invest, choosing the iOS platform is best for you.
You’d be surprised at the benefits you can get when you choose iOS. Do not wait! Tilt to this advanced platform and start generating more income. Therefore, ensure that your business reaches the heights of success.

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