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One of the challenges that enterprise organizations face in today’s world is migrating their legacy applications to cloud. Although these apps still work, they can become unstable due to compatibility issues with existing Operating Systems (OS) and Infrastructure (Infra). If this problem is not addressed in time, organizations may have Read more
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Quick summary: – Database migration is one of those trends whose charm has not been compiled and must be adopted by applications sooner or later. If you are considering migrating the database, you will want to know the actual process involved. Let’s see how the database migration works. How does Read more
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A database allows multiple users to maintain, update and modify stored information quickly, securely and efficiently. This makes a database useful for a multitude of real cases, such as tracking corporate accounting records, storing huge amounts of data from an IoT device network, tracking your systems business inventory or creating Read more
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Hashtag marketing is so common now that most business owners and marketers view it as a regular thing. However, back in the day, not many people even understood the concept of hashtags and what you should use them for. Moreover, there were probably only several people who figured out how Read more
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There is no doubt that social media has a big role to play in digital marketing. But is there really a “better” platform to use in your campaigns? The rise of the Internet has been so quickly followed by the emergence of social media that it is difficult for anyone Read more
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