When it’s time to build your idea from scratch, I have a solution in mind. This must-have development platform hosting bold new ideas is .NET.

It doesn’t matter what you are looking to develop. – this free and versatile framework offers a world of possibilities. Create a blockbuster game, mobile or desktop app. Or try technology based on the Internet of Things – it’s all there.

I will go into the reasons why .NET should be your go-to. But before that happens, I’ll explain some basic principles of the framework. Let’s go!


What Exactly is .NET Framework?

It is an adopted and supported framework created by Microsoft. It is used to create a wide variety of different types of applications.

Create a robust, secure and scalable web or desktop application. This is the developer platform designed to take you to the top!


What’s so special about it?

It is a very functional framework, rich in different functionalities. Combine this framework with an apt designer, and you can build a remarkable UX. In short, it’s a developer’s dream.


What kinds of Application Models Can We Build?

There are a multitude of possibilities with .NET. It’s versatile, which means you can create a niche. Try to target a particular operating system or .NET implementation. You can also feed your ambitions and create something cross-platform. The choices are limitless!


Build a .NET application of your choosing:

  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • IoT development
  • Big Data
  • AI applications
  • Cross-platform apps

Web and Mobile

You can try your hand at ASP.NET and create applications and web services for Windows, Linux, macOS and Docker. If the small screen is your medium of choice, then work with a single code base. In this way, you can create your next gamechanger for Windows, Android and iOS interfaces.

Desktop and Microservices

Desktop apps are as crucial and will always be necessary. Using .NET desktop apps, you can create solutions designed for the ‘not-so-small screen’. Give microservices your touch, with independent services using the platform as well.


For those wishing to create the ultimate adventure in gaming, then be sure to try .NET for game design. Use Unity, Monogame or CRYENGINE, the specialised tools for .NET game development.

Machine Learning and AI

With next-generation endeavours, .NET can support you too. Machine Learning and AI projects can fly safely under the wing of ML.NET, .NET for Apache Spark, Azure Machine Learning, and more. All are made especially for these kinds of ideas.

Cloud Applications

Be the ultimate storage solution that’s ubiquitous and cumulous! .NET cloud apps enable scalable, serverless solutions. Either use an existing idea or design your own.

Internet of Things

Design for the next generation of autonomy, automation, and augmentation, with the IoT development. Using Universal Windows Platform, you can enable development for any IoT devices.


Why use .NET? Reasons to Get Onboard

In all, it’s a pristine easy-to-work-with system. Let’s explore some of the reasons it is perfect for your project.

.NET benefits:

  • Lightspeed development
  • It’s Azure-friendly
  • Boosted security
  • Uses Microsoft application integration
  • It’s scalable
  • Employs MVC architecture

Lightspeed Development

Climb aboard onto one of the most seamless framework experiences. .NET makes for an ultra-fast and straightforward deployment of applications. That makes it the first choice for even the more novice-levelled developers. Adding ease to simplicity, .NET apps are quick to deploy to Microsoft servers. That’s because the framework enables set-up creation for faster application deployment.

It’s Azure-Friendly

Build web apps with unprecedented ease. You can host your site on Microsoft Azure, hassle-free, and even for-free, in some cases. Enjoy good cloud-cover with over 100 Azure services, which support .NET natively. Microsoft Visual Studio developer tools help your project launch with ease. On top of that – experience smoother development.

Boosted Security

Enjoy the protection of a secure environment. Take advantage of robust infrastructure designed to safeguard your application. With built-in Windows authentication, apps will enjoy an extra layer of safety. .NET framework also encrypts your data as well as decrypts it.

Uses Microsoft Application Integration

.NET offers seamless integration with Microsoft’s suite of products. This makes it a simple task of connecting with MS Exchange servers, emails, Lync messenger, and all the ‘usual suspects’ within the Microsoft Office Family. In this instance, all it will take is a single login to access data. This level of integration gives developers the ability to automate the entire office using Microsoft.

It’s Scalable and Powerful

If your project becomes somewhat ambitious – then .NET should be the way to go. Take advantage of a platform offering remarkable stability and ease-of-scale, as compared to similar platforms. Also, the object interface grants you the power to reuse the objects in newer software. That means you can also change objects without affecting other codes.

Relish the Power of MVC Architecture

The framework also uses the Model-View-Controller architecture, which offers the advantage of structured code. In this aspect, the user-friendliness of the code is incredibly high, which makes operations recyclable and scalable. It is also much simpler to operate ASP.NET thanks to its adaptation of client-side instruments. In addition, it provides assistance for the rapid development of applications.


Need More Reasons?

There are indeed many more, and I encourage you to see how we can make this happen for you. But let me sum up and remind you why it is the platform of choice for thousands of incredible projects around the world.

Above all, it is powerful. Intimidably powerful. And it’s simple to use, for virtually any level of experience, making it an attractive option from the start. It is also adorned with various amazing attributes. The potential is high – and with the right pair of hands, your project can reach incredible heights.

It also makes it a very scalable platform. High levels of user-friendliness make it a framework which easily integrates into a preexisting infrastructure. And if security is high on the importance list, as it should be, consider it a steel ring.

That said, if you want additional praise for .NET, I’m cool. All I can conclude is that it is very reliable and offers almost incredible performance. If you decide to use it, I approve your decision.

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